Creative Director

Creative Services, within the Marketing Division, is comprised of three primary functions – Brand Support, Design, and Production. The focus is to concept, develop, design, produce, and distribute materials that ultimately support the Margaritaville brands through local, regional, and national marketing campaigns, restaurant signage, brand graphics, and artwork, uniforms, packaging, and various training, operations, and crew appreciation initiatives.

This support encompasses activity across multiple categories and disciplines to include Print/POP, Premium/Ad Specialties, Apparel, Motion Graphics, Digital, and Traditional Media (TV, Radio, OOH, etc.).

These efforts are all focused on strengthening and driving the brand, communicating with our Customers, connecting with future Customers, and enhancing the in-restaurant experience for both our Customers and Crewmembers.

The Director, Creative Services is responsible for managing and creating all Brand Marketing Tools & Programs. This includes managing field-based marketing and creative projects submitted through the creative request system and working collaboratively with the Brand Team to develop and implement new programs and improve existing programs. They are tasked with creating, designing, managing the workflow of projects – communicating with the Requesters and Production to ensure that all projects are accurate, effective, and on schedule.

Primary Responsibility

  • Creates compelling marketing pieces that drive venue sales and profitability and inspires, informs, or captivates consumers.
  • Manages the workflow of all creative needs of the field-based Restaurant Marketing and Franchise Partner teams.
  • Communicates with requesters to ensure that all information needed to complete a project is provided.
  • Works collaboratively with Designers and Production to ensure that all projects are accurate, effective and developed in a timely fashion.
  • Provides direction and support to internal and external creative teams in the development of all Restaurant Marketing Tools & Programs


  • A formal education in graphic design – hospitality or formal agency background preferred.
  • Preferably minimum of 5 years of design or Advertising Agency experience required.
  • Strong command of visual and communication design principles
  • Demonstrated mastery of Adobe Creative
  • Passionate about graphic design, typography, photography, motion and illustration
  • A keen ability to create work under minimal supervision, as well as package and present solutions to the wider creative / management team—quickly and beautifully
  • Experience within the hospitality, or tourism industry highly desirable.
  • Only Jamaican candidates will be considered
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