Director of Procurement

It’s my job to be better than the rest and that makes the day for me!

POSITION TITLE: Director of Procurement

HIRING/REPORTING MANAGER: Director of Operations 

DEPARTMENT: Back of House


JOB OVERVIEW: Responsible for the procurement of all goods for Margaritaville Caribbean venues. An acute negotiator who will observe the total picture of the procurement and purchasing departments and make quality decisions regarding the purchasing of items for the company.


  • Source and maintain relationships with corporate vendors focusing on promoting healthy partnerships through continuous feedback.
  • Facilitate the supplier process by developing agreements for new products from vendors, creating Purchase Orders and placing product orders for food products, small wares and large equipment.
  • Conducts regular vendor audits to review prices and to complete cost-comparison and usage reports.
  • Negotiates contract terms for new vendors and business partners.
  • Administer facility audits to ensure proper procurement standards in place.
  • Implement and set-up implementation of universal inventory guide.
  • Resolve quality and service issues with suppliers by renegotiating contracts or sourcing substitute products or vendors
  • Act as a liaison between vendors and accounts payables department to ensure prompt payment and avoid invoice discrepancies.


  • Experience and understanding of the purchasing philosophy
  • Quality negotiator
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with internal departments and external contacts
  • Ability to complete a heavy workload in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision and handle multiple tasks
  • Good judgment and decision making abilities

EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: (Minimum formal education, degree, certifications, formal training)

  • Minimum Tertiary level education
  • Training and certification in purchasing or procurement procedures


Driver’s License and Passport required for position

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