Entertainment Crew

We’re looking for young, dynamic individuals with a balanced collection of entertainment skills. Over 18 years old, with a passion for creating and delivering extraordinary guest experiences.

Responsible for presenting a varied daytime and evening entertainment program, in venue and within resorts, created and supported by the corporate office. Ensuring the execution and quality of entertainment is professional and represents the brand appropriately. Must care for and maintain all costumes and props, and ensure they are used as directed. Assist in the planning, set up, event execution and teardown of daily venue activities and resort shows. Deliver an exceptional, elevated experience while actively interacting with the guests and promoting Margaritaville. To maintain resort collateral promoting Margaritaville. Establish and maintain a friendly, respectful, mutually beneficial relationship with resort staff.

Basic Qualifications

  • Excellent promotional skills and ability to proactively converse with guests
  • The ability to work as part of a team
  • An enthusiastic positive personality
  • The ability to read a crowd and deliver the appropriate entertainment program
  • Split shifts, weekends and late nights are required
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