Purchasing & Logistics Manager

Margaritaville Caribbean is seeking a highly qualified Purchasing Manager. The chosen candidate will report to the Director of Procurement and will be responsible for the following duties as outlined in Job Description below.

Logistics (facilitate the movement of goods in an efficient manner)

  1. Apply for the necessary import permits for permit items.
  2. Work closely with custom brokers to ensure correct classification of goods & thus correct duties.
  3. Verify the payment of customs brokers.
  4. Verify the payment of freight carriers (Seaboard, Seafreight, IBC, etc)
  5. Arrange pick up of container from the wharf & smaller shipments from airport when necessary.
  6. Ship food, beverage and retail item to Grand Turk & Cayman at least three times per year. (Invoicing & complete coordination).
  7. Shipping items back to the USA for repair and return with the requisite documents.

Purchasing (Getting the best quality merchandize for the best price)

  1. Review weekly market list and adjust to suit current demand and inventory
  2. Prepare a purchase orders for local vendors
  3. Secure credit accounts with various companies.
  4. Prepare overseas order after comparing all prices and considering lead time.
  5. Liaise with group chef to purchase items for special functions
  6. Meet with sales representatives from competing companies to negotiate the best price for the best quality.
  7. Follow up on overseas orders

Email application letters and resumes to Human Resources Manager @ or click Apply Now below.

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