Ladies Night – Montego Bay

Ladies Night – Montego Bay

Thursday night is Ladies Night at Margaritaville Montego Bay.

Entry free for ladies before midnight.

*Must be 18 years or older

Free Shuttle Service

Decameron 10:25pm | 11:45pm
Hilton 10:00pm | 11:45pm
Holiday Inn 9:30pm | 10:20pm | 11:05pm
Hyatt 10:10pm | 10:50pm
Iberostar 9:30pm | 11:15pm
Sandals Montego Bay 9:30pm | 11:20pm | 11:15pm
Sandals Royal 9:45pm | 11:20pm
Secrets 9:30pm | 10:40pm |11:25pm
Sunset Beach 9:45pm | 11:30pm | 11:15pm
Sun-Wed & Friday 1:00am | 2:00am
Thurs & Sat 1:00am | 2:00am | 3:00am


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