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One Love: Your Caribbean-Inspired Wedding Playlist

You’ve got the rings. You’ve got the white dress. You’ve planned the destination wedding of your dreams, with the help of our handy how-to guide. Your big day is all coming together—all you need is the music!

The best weddings are the ones where everyone is on the dance floor. Your wedding playlist should feature lots of you and your new spouse’s favorite jams, but don’t neglect your guests either. Throw in a few classics that will coax even the most reluctant grandparents onto the dance floor, and add a couple trendier tracks to impress your too-cool-for-school teenaged cousins.

Since you’re having a destination wedding, why not inject a little Caribbean flavor into your festivities with some Latin music? Channel the atmosphere of Margaritaville After Dark with some Latin pop, trap, dancehall and reggae beats.

We’ve curated the perfect Caribbean-inspired playlist for your big day. Use it to play DJ at your reception, as the soundtrack to your bachelorette party, or to set a fun party mood the morning of the big day. Here’s two and a half hours of island-style sounds for your listening pleasure:

Are your hips swaying yet? You know they don’t lie. It’s time to have a little fun in the sun. Don’t forget to visit one of our seven Caribbean Margaritaville locations while you’re here!

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